Hiep Hoa Cruise has gained its reputation as a upscale cruise in Phu Quoc offering fantastic voyage and unmatched service. Bespoke tours meticulously designed and selectively aimed at creating out of the most your time on a vacation and great value for your money.

Highest level of quality

Hoa Hiep fleet consists of multiple units are arranged full equipment quality and safety as stipulated by the department registry of licensed Kien Giang Province – on-board staff are well-trained at professional schools and have on-site experience.

Hoa Hiep ltd. owns many ships and can accommodate 45 to 50 guests. The ships are equipped with dining table, bathroom, relaxing areas for customers such as leisurely sunbathing on the deck, rest room with international standards and convenient facilities.

Hiep Hoa cruise
Hiep Hoa cruise

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Decadent food

Each tour aboard Hoa Hiep served menu that includes fresh seafood and Phu Quoc specialties. (Cobia Sour soup or tuna, mackerel or barracuda fried fish or shrimp braised ram meat, sweet and sour stir-fried seafood, white rice, fruits, mineral water bottled (20 liters), Porridge Ink … )

Hiep Hoa cruise
Hiep Hoa cruise

Well-trained staffs

The staff on the ship sailors experienced Hoa Hiep said positioning the reef is home to many fish, service style is very professional, fun, caring and thoughtful. Members of Hoa Hiep Tourism are carefully selected from reputable schools who can speak English and deal with any situation. This means customers will be asking a connoisseur of desired customer needs, with reliability and accuracy in advising the most suitable tour.