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Ithaca Resto And Lounge

Ithaca Resto And Lounge
Ithaca, written as Itaca in the Catalan language, is a shining Greek island that nestles in the heart of the Mediterranean.

One Sun Dried Squids

one sun dried squids
In Phu Quoc island, people caught up instantly fresh ink canal cleaned out and stretch the mẹt exposure onto bright sunlight.

Thanh Ca Mango

Thanh Ca mango
A part from that, a can't-miss fruit is Thanh Ca mango which is grew widely in Phu Quoc.

Alcohol Sim

Alcohol Sim
Alcohol sim is a wine specialty of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Despite gale in many places, but the sim in Phu Quoc has specific characteristics.

Phu Quoc Abalone

Abalone soup
Phu Quoc island appeals tourists by not only its natural beauty but also sumptuous seafood.

Grilled Song fish

Enjoy song fish
Song fish is a specialty of Phu Quoc and it has become the chosen dish for dinner and party as well.

Chả Cua (Fried Chopped Crab Meat)

Fried Chopped Crab Meat
Fried chopped crab meat remains the first priority in the list of must-try food in Phu Quoc.

Raw Herring Phu Quoc

Herring salad
This dish of wildlife considered specialties of Phu Quoc, a lot of customers known. This has contributed to the rich cultural beauty of Phu Quoc island cuisine sea.

Bánh canh cá thu (Mackerel noodle soup)

Banh canh
Banh canh ca thu is a kind of Vietnamese noodle soup served as a home-made dish or at casual eateries.

Grilled abalone

Grilled abalone
If you want to add some splendor to your meal with upscale seafood, try eating grilled abalone!

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